Stagepresence: „Take it or leave it!“

Show, show, show: The don camillo chor attends workshops with Clemens Tewinkel about how to engage the public visually as well as aurally.

„Look, stroll, stop, look, stroll, stop…“ – the members of the don camillo chor are apparently wandering aimlessly around the rehearsal room without singing a note. An unusual scene, but nonetheless directly connected with their ongoing vocal work, because today the choir is working on stage presence. And who better to guide them in this task than Clemens Tewinkel, who has taken the stage with The Wise Guys for more than 15 years?

Thus began a day of informal educational games and activities — and heaps of fun for everyone! Within the context of specific concert pieces, Clemens worked on movements and choreography, sharing plenty of valuable tips on how to carry yourself on stage. The main aim, though, was to have fun, and to transmit that fun to the audience.

The choir certainly had fun, and could immediately notice a big improvements with the help of before/after videos during the day. And, of course, If you’d also like to check out the new stage presence, then why not check them out in concert? For example our new concert series Soul Up Your Voice.

If you’re also interested in Clemens Tewinkel’s workshops, you can find more information at

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